375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols

Author ĄG Jeanne Rose
Publisher : North Atlantic Books US
Published: 24 September 1990
ISBN 13: 9781883319892

Description :

This thorough guide profiles 375 different essential oils according to botanical family, habit and growth, chemical components, and actions. Historical notes and lore, often from Chinese alchemy as well as western botanical sources, are featured. Essays on evergreens, lavender, chamomile, jasmine, and more fill out important categories. Graceful botanical illustrations illuminate the text.

The Fragrant Mind

Author ĄG Valerie Ann Worwood
Publisher : Bantam Books
Published : 03 July 1997
ISBN 13 : 9780553407990

Description :

Valerie Ann Worwood's "The Fragrant Pharmacy" has become the classic encyclopaedia of aromatherapy and essential oils. Now, in this companion volume, "The Fragrant Mind", she paves a unique new way for aromatherapy, concentrating on the emotional, psychological and mood-changing effects of nature's essential oils.

"The Fragrant Mind" falls into three parts.

Part One presents a fascinating background to the subject, and explains how essential oils work on the brain.

Part Two explains how essential oils can enhance emotional well-being and promote positive feelings, and includes a practical A-Z section which advises on a wide range of emotional problems, from stress and depression to moodiness and insomnia.

Part Three introduces a whole new concept in aromatherapy - personality enhancement - and explains the particular characteristics of individual essential oils and how they can be matched to human personality types. You can find out, for example, whether you are a Floral, Herbie, Rootie, Woodie, Fruitie or Seedie type, and create your own tailor-made personality blends. Encyclopaedic in scope, and based on the most up-to-date research, "The Fragrant Mind" offers a wealth of information in an easy, accessible style, and shows the way in which essential oils can influence our minds and emotions.

The Fragrant Pharmacy

Author ĄG Valerie Ann Worwood
Publisher : Bantam Books
Published : 14 November 1991
ISBN 13 : 9780553403978

Description :

"The Fragrant Pharmacy" opens the way to a whole world of fresh possibilities. It is a new approach to nature through one of its most powerful forms - those fragrant 'essential oils' drawn from flowers and grasses, trees and roots, leaves and fruit, that remain the great untapped resources of our planet.

"The Fragrant Pharmacy" shows how each essential oil can offer many diverse benefits. One of the most holistic of all systems of medicine, the oils can alleviate symptoms, prevent many illnesses and disorders and help in their healing process. But more than that, they can provide all of us - our families, our homes, even our pets - with the protections and pleasures we need...without the chemical pollution of our bodies or our envirnment.

This illuminating and imaginative book of aromatherapy is the household manual of the future. It is a treasury of information about precious life- and health-enhancing liquids that work in complex harmony with people and planet alike. Here is a comprehensive encyclopaedia of 'medicines out of the earth', those miracles of creation which revitalise and rejuvenate, enhance our emotions and help our work and play. It charts out for all of us a fragrant way to family health and home delights.

The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatheraphy

Author ĄG Valerie Ann Worwood
Publisher : New World Library
Published : 31 December 1991
ISBN 13 : 9780931432828

Description :

Essential oils are one of the world's great untapped resources. This complete volume explains how to incorporate these ancient medicines of the earth into everyday life for personal care, physical and mental health, and a safe home environment.

It gives more than 500 recipes using essential oils as alternatives to often toxic human-made health, beauty, and cleaning products.

Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy

Author ĄG Chrissie Wildwood
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Published : 02 October 2000
ISBN 13 : 9780747550556

Description :

A guide to aromatherapy. It discusses aromatherapy's history and theories, then matches physical disorders with natural remedies and cures, with guidance for the care of mind, body and soul.

Massage skills are covered, and at the end, a list of aromatic oils outlines the properties of each.

Make Your Own Perfume:
How to Create Own Fragrances to Suit Mood, Character and Lifestyle

Author ĄG Sally Hornsey
Publisher : Spring Hill
Published : 19 October 2011
ISBN 13 : 9781905862696

Description :

Wearing perfume is often limited by the cost of designer brands. Blending your own fragrance takes perfume wearing to another level. You can design your own perfume to suit your mood, your character and your lifestyle - and, of course, your budget!

Make Your Own Perfume guides you through individual aromas, showing you how to design and structure perfume for yourself and for others. It includes blending tips to help you create your own range of gorgeous signature scents and fragrances that you can wear as often as you like.

In this book you will discover how to:
- Identify the fragrance families and choose which ones are better suited to different occasions
- Classify both natural and synthetic oils into 'note' categories to enable you to balance your perfume
- Make tinctures and infusions to use in your perfumes
- Dilute your perfume blend to become a body spray, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, pure perfume, or aftershave
- Package your perfume
- and choose appropriate names for it
- Create perfume blends for pot pourri, reed diffusers and other room scenting products.

Aroma ~ Care Make Your Own Perfume

Author ĄG Francine Milford
Publisher : Francine Milford
Published : 03 August 2007
ISBN 13 : 9780553407990

Description :

Aroma~CareT: Make your own Perfume, gives easy to follow instructions on how to create your own signature scent using essential oils. Also included is a chapter on how to make your own floral water.

Sample recipes for perfume blends are included. Great craft for get-togethers.

Neal's Yard Remedies Essential Oils

ĄG Susan Curtis
Publisher : Haldane Mason Ltd
Published : 26 October 2007
ISBN 13 : 9781905339280

Description :

Neal's Yard Remedies is the UK's leading natural health and beauty company. Founded by Romy Fraser in 1981, it leads the way in organically sourced, scientifically researched products designed to promote health, happiness and well-being in ways which also benefit the planet.

In this book, the founder of NYR reveals the fruits of years of company research which explains how to create the cosmetics at home. With step by step instructions, the book contains a whole range of skin and body treatments, including shampoos, hair dyes, cleansers, moisturizers, toothpastes, hand and nail creams, body scrubs, perfumes and fragrances and many more.

Making beauty products at home means that the ingredients used can be controlled, and with experience, creams, lotions and other products can be tailored to suit individual skin types.

This is a fully revised and updated edition of a book first published in 1997 and now well-established as a standard work of reference.

Aromatherapy Massage From Head To Toe

ĄG Blair Dils / Nancy Ringer
Publisher : Storey Publishing
Published : 15 August 2000
ISBN 13 : 9781580173018

Description :

Relax and rejuvenate with aromatherapy massage! If you have been searching for the ultimate in spa-quality pampering of body and soul, aromatherapy massage is the answer! With sweetly scented oil and simple massage techniques you can: Calm the mind and relax the bodySooth aching joints and sore musclesImprove circulationUndo muscle knots and tensionEncourage sounder, more peaceful sleep, invigorate your energy level, restore mental alertness.

"Aromatherapy Massage from Head to Toe" offers step-by-step instructions for full-body, scalp, face, hand, and foot massages. You'll also find recipes for aromatic massage oil blends that lift the spirits and soothe the body. Whether you have five minutes alone or are partnering up with a friend, there's a massage that's right for you!

Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Colour

Author ĄG Rosemary Caddy
Publisher :
Amberwood Publishing Ltd
Published : 0
1 May
ISBN 13 : 9781899308149

Description :

Aromatheraphy : The Essential Blending Guide

Author ĄG Rosemary Caddy
Publisher : Amberwood Publishing Ltd
Published : 30 June 2000
ISBN 13 : 9781899308248

Description :

Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child

Author ĄG Valerie Ann Worwood
Publisher : New World Library
Published : 10 April 2000
ISBN 13 : 9781577310952

Description :

This reference shows how essential oils can help parents raise healthier, happier children. Chapters cover every age from newborn to teen with aromatherapy remedies for typical problems -- from diaper rash to bedwetting to asthma.

The book features information for pregnant mothers and physically challenged children and appendices with reference charts, safety data, and supplier information.

This is a valuable book for every concerned parent.

Aromatherapy During Your Pregnancy

Author ĄG Francis R. Clifford
Publisher : C W Daniel Co Ltd
Published : 30 June 1997
ISBN 13 : 9780852073124

Description :

This book charts the aromatic pathway from the pre-conceptual stage right through to delivery and ne-natal care. It is a must for any health-conscious couple contemplating starting a family and wishing to enhance their lifestyle with essential oils and other naturally energetic products.

The author has been in practice as an aromatherapist since the early 1980's, having previously founded the Bodytreats Group with her husband. Together, they have spearheaded a new approach to the understanding of the innermost secrets of essential oils, thus affecting the rationales which govern their use in clinical practice. Most of her time is spent with patients in Harley Street, London, teaching worldwide, lecturing and writing. She specializes in the treatment of cellulite, stress-related illnesses and the care of parents-to-be and their families.

Healing Power of Essential Oils:
Fragrance Secrets for Everyday Use

Author ĄG Rodolphe Balz
Publisher : Lotus Press
Published : 25 September 1996
ISBN 13 : 9780941524896

Description :

Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils:
The Science of Advanced Aromatherapy

Author ĄG Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D.
Publisher : Healing Arts Press
Published : 15 November 2011
ISBN 13 :9781594774256

Description :

Exploring science's new biological understanding of essential oils, renowned aromatherapist Kurt Schnaubelt reveals the effectiveness of essential oil treatments and presents simple recipes for treating and preventing common ailments, such as colds, flu, herpes, and candida, as well as for pain management.

New Vital Oils:
Discover How Just a Few Drops a Day Can Ensure You Look and Feel Great!

ĄG Liz Earle
Publisher : Vermilion
Published : 03 October 2002
ISBN 13 : 9780553407990

Description :

Did you know that avacado oil can keep your skin looking younger? That evening primrose oil is good for PMS and eczema? And that fish oils can cure depression in adults and Attention Deficit Disorder in children? Research shows that many oils have unique attributes for beauty and health and even help weight loss. Used in the right way, oils in our diet and as supplements have remarkable therapeutic effects.

With a wealth of scientific evidence, "New Vital Oils" explains that taking just a few drops of oil each day can ensure you look good and feel great! With tips and hints for using oil as health and beauty remedies.

"New Vital Oils" will show how to use natural, unprocessed oils to achieve long-lasting good health. Whether you ensure you include oils in your diet, take them as supplements or use them as beauty preparations, Liz Earle gives a complete guide to the special properties of both traditional and newly discovered oils and provides: a tried and tested two week oil enriched diet; a guide to oil remedies for specific health problems; an everyday skincare plan using exotic oils; and a special section on problem solving - including depression, arthritis, PMS, eczema, aromatherapy and much more.

Coconut Oil for Health and Beauty

Author ĄG Cynthia Holzapfel / Laura Holzapfel
Publisher : Book Publishing Co
Published : 01 October 2003
ISBN 13 : 9781570671586

Description :

Coconut Oil has been found to be one of the most healthful fats that people can eat, and it has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Populations in southeast Asia and the Pacific islands who use coconut oil as the primary source of fat often have less heart disease than people of other regions. Included are over 20 recipes for using coconut oil, grated coconut, and coconut milk in delicious recipes and health care products, as well as instructions on how to make fresh coconut foods at home.

Carrier Oils:
For Aromatherapy and Massage

Author ĄG Len Price / Shirley Price
Publisher : Riverhead
Published : 09 December 2000
ISBN 13 : 9781874353027

Description :

The Magical and Ritual Use of Perfumes

Author ĄG Richard Alan Miller
Publisher : Inner Traditions Bear and Company
Published : 01 October 1990
ISBN 13 : 9780892812103

Description :9781874353027

Because of their power to elicit specific responses in the body and psyche, perfumes have, through the ages, occupied an important part in ritual.

The Magical and Ritual Use of Perfumes shows how scents can become the very "essence of magic," providing direct access to the emotional centers of the brain and memory.

Crabtree and Evelyn Fragrant Herbal:
Enhancing Your Life with Aromatic Herbs and Essential Oils

Author ĄG Lesley Bremness
Publisher : Quadrille Publishing Ltd
Published : 20 March 1998
ISBN 13 : 9781899988365

Description :

This work looks at herbs from the point of view of their mood-enhancing qualities and the ways in which these have and can be used. Divided into six sections, it offers ideas for using herbs in the home, a selection of recipes, and gardening tips and plans. The recipes are by Marie-Pierre Moine

Natural Beauty Secrets from India
Easy, Economical, and Effective Head-To-Toe Home Remedies for a Beautiful You, Naturally

Author ĄG Roshni Daval
Publisher : Tate Publishing & Enterprises
Published : 01 January 2009
ISBN 13 : 9781606049181

Description :

Essential Oils and Meditation

Author ĄG Kathleen Pepper
Publisher : Polair Publishing
Published : 23 March 2007
ISBN 13 : 9781905398126

Description :

Meditation is an incredibly fulfilling inward path and the experiences of meditation can be heightened significantly by burning essential oils at the same time.

Kathleen Pepper's book is comprehensive - it discusses more than two-dozen different oils and their effect. It is, also, deeply personal, for her own journey of discovery animates it and enables her to be the true teacher.

Yet it is the use of the intuition she is teaching: 'Let fragrance guide you' says the subtitle. Kathleen, also, sources the oils for the reader, discusses burning techniques and offers a guide to further literature on the subject. She covers the associations of the oils with the chakras and, for each, she offers a priceless guided meditation from her own rich experience.

Ayurvedic Massage :
Traditional Indian Techniques for Balancing Body and Mind

Author ĄG Harish Johari
Publisher : Inner Traditions Bear & Company
Published : 01 October 1996
ISBN 13 : 9780892814893

Description :

Ayurvedic Massage is the first book on the subject, and the first new massage therapy introduced to the West since shiatsu. One of the oldest systems of medicine in the world, Ayurveda views the human being as intimately connected with the environment and all other life forms. Ayurvedic massage works on both the physical and mental levels, transmitting a life-giving energy that assists all systems of the body to repair and renew themselves.

Practitioners concentrate on the marmas, subtle energy points that respond to gentle physical manipulation, and work with the needs of the different body types.

The author guides both the novice and experienced practitioner through each step in the full body massage and explains which oils work best for particular body types.

- Includes massage techniques for expectant mothers and their babies.
- Outlines techniques and natural remedies for treating specific disorders, including arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, and insomnia.
- Offers a complete guide to the traditional forty-day beauty treatment as practiced in India, and includes recipes for massage oils, facial creams, and beautifying clay baths.

Ayurvedic Aromatheraphy :
The Earth Essential Guide to Ancient Wisdom and Modern Healing

Author ĄG Brian Miller / Light Miller
Publisher : Lotus Press
Published : 15 April 1996
ISBN 13 : 9780914955207

Description :

This book integrates the ancient healing science of Ayurveda with the modern development of Aromatherapy.

The authors have long term experience in clinical practice and have created a phenomenal resource for anyone who wants to use Ayurveda or Aromatherapy for self-health or as a practitioner. The body-type paradigm of Ayurveda is interwoven nicely with the aromatherapeutic actions of essential oils.

Subtle Aromatherapy

Author ĄG Patricia Davis
Publisher : C W Daniel Company Ltd
Published : 08 November 1991
ISBN 13 : 9780852072271

Description :

Although the use of essential oils to help physical, mental and emotional problems has been thoroughly investigated and described over the past few decades, this is the first book devoted solely to their use on a subtle or spiritual level.

Written by the author of the best-selling aromatherapy book of all time, Aromatherapy An A-Z, it examines the applications of aromatherapy in personal and spiritual growth, meditation and healing.

Topics covered include Vibrational Healing, The Role of the Healer, Methods of Use, Chakra Energy, Essential Oils and Crystals, Meditation etc., etc., with detailed notes on the subtle properties of the individual.

Aromatherapy Handbook for Beauty, Hair and Skin Care

Author ĄG Erich Keller
Publisher : Healing Arts Press
Published : 01 July 1999
ISBN 13 : 9780892818310

Description :

A comprehensive guide to cosmetics and body-care products you can make yourself with essential oils that are healthier and less expensive than their commercially made equivalents.

- Over 100 simple and inexpensive recipes.
- In addition to providing general skin and hair care, formulas treat acne, sunburn, cellulite, wrinkles, and many other conditions.

This complete guide to aromatherapy for hair and skin care explains how to create cosmetics that are custom-made, natural, vibrant, and healthy--and that avoid the preservatives and additives of commercial products.

Keller explains how to identify the purest oils and tells which are naturally suited to specific hair and skin types. He also describes their individual healing properties so that people can use and combine their favorite scents with confidence.

Astrological Aromatherapy

Author ĄG Patricia Davis
Publisher : C W Daniel Co Ltd
Published : 01 April 2002
ISBN 13 : 9780852073568

Description :

Whether you are an aromatherapist or an astrologer, a beginner or experienced, this book will set you on the road to bringing these two ancient arts together.

For thousands of years healers have observed that both people and plants respond to the annual cycle of the heavens and used this knowledge to help in their work. Even the smallest knowledge of astrology can help you do the same.

Simply knowing an individual's star sign can guide your choice of essential oils to help yourself, your family, friends or professional clients. What is your Signature oil? How do the Sun, Moon and Planets affect your health? How can you use a birthchart to make unique, personalized blends for pleasure or treatment?

Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy

Author ĄG Suzanne Catty
Publisher : Healing Arts Press
Published : 31 March 2001
ISBN 13 : 9780892819461

Description :

The first book devoted exclusively to aromatic hydrosols--gentle, water-based plant extracts that expand the healing, cosmetic, and culinary applications of aromatherapy.

The author details the specifics of 67 hydrosols, provides formulas to treat more than 50 health concerns, and offers 40 delicious recipes in which hydrosols can be used.

Understanding Hydrolats:
The Specific Hydrosols for Aromatherapy:
A Guide for Health Professionals

Author ĄG Len Price / Shirley Price
Publisher : Churchill Livingstone
Published : 03 August 2004
ISBN 13 : 9780443073168

Description :

Distilled waters, or hydrosols, are therapeutic in many ways, and yet little has been written to make clear their properties and clinical applications.

This book details the nature, properties (where known) and nomenclature of hydrosols, and gathers in one source the sure and sensible facts about distilled waters.

Already used by aromatherapists interested in extending their therapeutic range, this book will provide all therapists with the confidence to practice safely with a sure understanding of the value of hydrosols.

Inscense and Scent in the Home

Author ĄG Raje Airey / Charlotte Melling
Publisher : Aquamarine
Published : 20 December 2005
ISBN 13 : 9781903141403

Description :

Fragrance, with its power to sooth and relax or excite and invigorate, adds a unique dimension to the design and ambience of a room. Of the many ways of scenting the home, the burning of incense is perhaps the most pungent and evocative.

This beautiful book looks at all the aspects of using incense, including sticks, cones, coils, resins, powders, barks and oils, whether you want to promote relaxation or to energize and stimulate.

Themed design ideas show how to choose incense to enhance a specific room, whether this is the exotic richness and colour of an African-style living room or the cool serenity and calm of a romantic bedroom retreat.

Book of Incense: Enjoying the Traditional Art of Japanese Scents

Author ĄG Kiyoko Morita
Publisher : Kodansha International Ltd
Published : 28 February 2007
ISBN 13 : 9784770030504

Description :

Incense has a long history in Japan. At the ancient court, men and women alike scented their kimono, their rooms, and even their writing paper with signature blends of incense that admirers were sure to mention later in their love poems. Even today, Japanese incense is highly regarded for its subtlety and beauty.

The Book of Incense is the first book available in English that focuses on the incense traditions of Japan including different ingredients, mixing blends and sampling various mixtures, traditional literary games involving incense Koh-do, the incense ceremony still performed today.

With the current popularity of aromatherapy and other uses of scent for relaxation and pleasure, this new trade paperback edition of The Book of Incense comes at a most opportune time.

It is must reading for anyone who wants to gain a new awareness of the importance of scent, and learn how to make optimal use of the sense of smell in our everyday lives.

The Incense Bible :
Plants Scents Transcending World Culture, Medicine and Spirituality

Author ĄG Kerry Hughes
Publisher : Haworth Press Inc
Published : 12 April 2007
ISBN 13 : 9780789021700

Description :

The Incense Bible is a comprehensive guide to the spiritual meaning of real, raw, natural incense and how to use it in prayer, meditation, or simply in creating a home environment to "reconnect" with divinity and nature.

This unique book examines the spiritual and ritual uses of "pure" incense (not sticks, cones, or synthetic mixtures), explores our attraction to it, and explains how we can use it at home to increase wellness. Filled with easy-to-use references and easy-to-understand technical information, the book also looks at the use of incense in health and medicine, a history of its use in a variety of countries and cultures, and various types of raw incense.

The Incense Bible is an essential resource for anyone interested in health and natural medicine, botanical medicines, and ethnobotany, and for anyone seeking to express their spirituality by reconnecting to nature.

Witch's Brew : Screts of Scents

Author ĄG Morwyn
Publisher : Whitford Press US
Published : 01 July 1995
ISBN 13 : 9780924608193

Description :

Art of Fragrance Creation

Author ĄG Leana Golan
Publisher : Fultas Corporation
Published : 30 January 2006
ISBN 13 : 9781596820746

Description :

The Language of Flowers :
A Miscellany

Author ĄG Mandy Kirkby
Publisher : Macmillan
Published : 07 October 2011
ISBN 13 : 9780230759633

Description :

'A flower is not a flower alone; A thousand thoughts invest it' All over the world, flowers are an integral part of human culture whether it is the perfect table centre for a wedding, a beautiful bouquet for a birthday, a message of thanks, or to pay one's respect at a funeral.

But, while everyone knows that red roses signify love, few may realise that an entire language of flowers exists with every bloom, folliage and plant having a particular emotion attached, be it hazel for reconcilliation, wisteria for welcome or ivy for fidelity.

This unique language was created by the romantic early Victorians who carefully planned every bouquet and posy so as to deliver a desired message.

Bringing the language to a new generation, this beautifully illustrated miscellany contains fifty profiled flowers, a dictionary searchable by emotion, and ideas for creating bouquets and arrangements for specific occasions.

This gift book is a novel present that any flower lover will want to own.

Herbal Healing for Women :
Simple Home Remedies for Women of All Ages

Author ĄG Rosemary Gladstar
Publisher : Prentice Hall & IBD
Published : 01 October 1993
ISBN 13 : 9780671767679

Description :

Simple, Safe, and Effective Herbal Remedies for Women For centuries women have turned to herbs to cope with a wide variety of health problems and conditions.

Comprehensive and easy-to-use, "Herbal Healing for Women" explains how to create remedies

-- including teas, tinctures, salves, and ointments
-- for the common disorders that arise in the different cycles of a woman's life.

A complete women's health-care manual, "Herbal Healing for Women" discusses:
* common disorders and the herbs that are effective for treating them;
* how to select and store herbs;
* preparation of hundreds of herbal remedies;
* an alphabetical listing of herbs, including a brief description of the herb, the general medicinal usage, and when necessary, warnings about potential side effects. By explaining the properties of specific herbs and the art of preparation.

Rosemary Gladstar demonstrates not only how to achieve healing through herbs but good health as well.

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